Traits (Affection System)

The traits that are part of the Affection System dictate how a character will perform in battle. A character can have up to 6 Traits from the list below. Each of the traits grow a variety of categories which increases the likeliness a character will perform those actions. To increase the frequency the character performs the type of actions you would like them to perform, cultivate the desirable set of traits and then praise the actions of those traits in combat when the companion uses something from that trait. The more you praise a specific trait, the more frequently the character will perform an ability from that trait as well as perform in accordance with the battle style of that trait.

The traits are broken into 4 general categories that summarize the type of behavior the AI will be using when using that trait. The 4 categories are Fierce (Attack), Tough (Defensive/Tanking), Helper (Healing/Buffing/Debuffing) and Basic. These 4 categories are associated with unlocking the Heroine Role Costumes as well as giving you an indication towards how that character will perform actions in combat based off the traits you have been praising them for in battle.

On a character that has less than 6 traits you can perform the action described in each trait to obtain that trait. Alternatively, you can use the “Change of Heart” option to recycle all traits that are not locked and be randomly assigned new ones. Do note, that by removing traits through “Change of Heart”, any points towards the given categories will be lost. In the Affection System Window you can lock specific traits to ensure they do not decrease in level or disappear when using this option.

The traits associated with each general category are listed below. Whereas all of these traits can raise multiple categories, the predominant increase will be in general category that it is listed.

Fierce (Attack)

Tough (Defensive / Tanking)

Helper (Healer / Buffer / Debuffer)

Basic Abilities

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