Heroine Role Costumes

In order to get each of the heroine’s costumes for each of the respective roles, you must get a particular role to 250 or higher in the affection system through praising their actions in combat. You only need to get that particular role to 250 once, after that the costume will always be available even if the role falls all the way back to 0.

The costumes act as a piece of body armor and change the appearance of the heroine. If you unlock any of these costumes, they will last you until pretty late in the game before you start getting better equipment. The stats of the costumes are the same for each heroine in each role, however they do slightly differ in coloring and appearance on each heroine.

You do not need to match the costume with the current role the heroine is performing. If you want to wear Palamedes (Healer) while they are set to the EX Skill Attacker, you can do so.

You can see more on how to raise these by visiting the Traits (Affection System) section.

  • Red Icon: DPS Costume (Onslaught)
    • DEF +96
    • STR +35
    • DEX +25
    • Numb Resistance +10
    • Blood Resistance +10
    • CRT +10%
    • SS Damage +20%
  • Blue Icon: Tank Costume (Titania)
    • DEF +96
    • STR +25
    • VIT +40
    • Stun Resistance +10
    • Knockdown Resistance +10
    • DEF +15%
    • Max HP +20%
  • Green Icon: Healer Costume (Palamedes)
    • DEF +96
    • DEX +25
    • AGI +40
    • Poison Resistance +10
    • Paralysis Debuff Resistance +10
    • Max SP +30
    • HP Regen +2%
  • Yellow Icone: Support Costume (Seraphim)
    • DEF +96
    • VIT +30
    • AGI +35
    • Soul Resistance +10
    • Parry Time +15%
    • ATK Speed +4%
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