Obtain Building Materials!

D’ya think I could getcha to pick up a lil’ buildin’ material fer me? Imma need it ta fix up the buildings the MAD busted. You can get some by defeating the MAD called Giant Fly after headin’ a little inta the Verdant Greenbelt. I’m countin’ on ya.

  • Title: Obtain Building Materials
  • Time: Short
  • Client: Ryoma
  • Location: Medical Center
  • Prerequisite: Complete MAD Hunt Request A
  • Objective: Deliver Torn Wing x 1
  • Objective Location: Verdant Greenbelt
  • Rewards
    • Approval: +30%
    • EP: +50
    • Antitoxin x 3
    • Caffeine Drink x 3
    • Anti-Static Tissue x 3
    • Clear Eyedrops x 3
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