Steam Achievements

There are a total of 51 Steam Achievements.

AAA Game
Made a [Godly Game] Disc. “I can’t believe you made a Godly Game! Keep at it, okay?”
Started a new game. “I’ve been waiting for this day! It’s my turn to be the star!”
Chapter 1 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 1. “This is quite a predicament, so let’s work hard together.”
Chapter 2 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 2. “I’m happy to see my old friends coming together like this.”
Chapter 3 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 3. “Is being a hero that important? Why can’t they both be one…?”
Chapter 4 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 4. “Ai’s got guts to do what she did… Well… At least she’s with us now.”
Chapter 5 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 5. “Neptune is nothing but trouble. I’m glad that’s settled.”
Chapter 6 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 6. “Saori likes…HIM? Ack! Wh-What? I wasn’t thinking about you or anything!”
Chapter 7 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 7. “Go figure. Trouble comes when when you least expect it…”
Chapter 8 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 8. “Something really bad is happening. C’mon, let’s keep our guards up.”
Chapter 9 Cleared
Cleared Chapter 9. “Finally, peace at last! I’m so glad it’s all over.”
Challenged 100 missions. “I’ve gotten used to fighting, but I can’t let my guard down!”
Got all the best stuff for Noire’s room. “Wow, this place is amazing now… It’s exciting to just look around!”
First Request
Answered your first request with Noire. “Well, that was easy. Let’s keep it up, okay?”
Game Creator
Developed a Game Disc. “Game Disc development was a success. Let’s use these to gain an advantage in battle.”
Good Ending
Attained the Good Ending. “So much happened, but nothing really changed. That’s okay, I guess.”
Heartthrob: Ai Masujima
Maxed Ai Masujima’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Please help me to become an amazing idol!”
Heartthrob: Blanc
Maxed Blanc’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Friends are good to have.”
Heartthrob: Blossom Aisen
Maxed Blossom Aisen’s Lily Rank with everyone. “I’d love to put on a show with you all.”
Heartthrob: Ein Al
Maxed Ein Al’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Thus, my fate has grown intertwined with theirs…”
Heartthrob: Estelle
Maxed Estelle’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Bonds are legendary!”
Heartthrob: Generia G
Maxed Generia G’s Lily Rank with everyone. “I can collect data to my heart’s content!”
Heartthrob: Lady Wac
Maxed Lady Wac’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Such a delectable spread of entrees to enjoy…”
Heartthrob: Lee-Fi
Maxed Lee-Fi’s Lily Rank with everyone. “We should all try to become the best we can be!”
Heartthrob: Lid
Maxed Lid’s Lily Rank with everyone. “I’m friench…friends with ebbrybun?! Erm… Everyone?!”
Heartthrob: Little Rain
Maxed Little Rain’s Lily Rank with everyone. “I’ll try not to be bothersome…”
Heartthrob: Moru
Maxed Moru’s Lily Rank with everyone. “We’re all monster hunting pals!”
Heartthrob: Neptune
Maxed Neptune’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Don’t tell Noire, but this is still my game. She just got a logo.”
Heartthrob: Noire
Maxed Noire’s Lily Rank with everyone. “I finally have a legion of friends!”
Heartthrob: Poona
Maxed Poona’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Yaaaaaay… Everyone is my friiiiend…”
Heartthrob: Resta
Maxed Resta’s Lily Rank with everyone. “I find everyone to be a precious friend.”
Heartthrob: Ryuka
Maxed Ryuka’s Lily Rank with everyone. “What a diverse group of girls. I love it.”
Heartthrob: Sango
Maxed Sango’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Ohohohohoho! Such a pleasant offering!”
Heartthrob: Saori
Maxed Saori’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Let’s all enjoy the feeling of falling in love.”
Heartthrob: Tsunemi
Maxed Tsunemi’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Let’s sing together…”
Heartthrob: Vert
Maxed Vert’s Lily Rank with everyone. “What a lively group of girls.”
Heartthrob: Vio
Maxed Vio’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Wanna become rotten with me?”
Heartthrob: Wyn
Maxed Wyn’s Lily Rank with everyone. “Awesome! Scrimmage match, me vs. everyone!”
Item Inventor
Developed 50 different items. “You’ve sure made a lot of items. I guess you’re quite the pro now.”
Item Tinkerer
Developed an item. “Not bad for your first time. I look forward to more in the future.”
Level-up Orchestra
Leveled all characters to 99. “You maxed EVERYONE’S level?! Really?! Geez, you’re as focused as a laser beam.”
Money Talks
Earned a total of 9,999,999 Credits. “Huh? Am I rich? Oh, it’s cumulative. No reason to horde Credits, right?”
No Surviving!
Dealt 9,999 damage. “That was really something! Nothing can survive a hit like that.”
Prologue Cleared
Cleared the prologue. “Our first step toward uniting Gamarket!”
Push It To The Limit
Leveled a character to 99. “You maxed someone’s level? That’s…pretty dedicated of you.”
Retry, Please!
Retried a story mission for the first time. “You wanted to retry a previous fight? It feels a little paradoxical, huh?”
Sign Here, Please
Made your first purchase from AMAZOO.nep. “Spend your money wisely, and then gussy up my room!”
Sub-mission Initiate
Challenged your first sub-mission. “You signed us up for a sub-mission? Well, let’s use that system wisely.”
The CPU is Back!
Challenged your first mission. “I feel a lot weaker than before… Even so, I won’t let it hold me back!”
The CPU of Gamarket
Answered all of the requests with Noire. “I guess everyone’s satisfied. I hope they are, anyway.”
True Ending
Attained the True Ending. “Let’s work together and protect Gamarket!”
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