Sim Noire Requests & Answers

Chapter 1

  • A Gamer CPU?: Casual Gamer
  • Can CPUs Cook?: Get Cooking
  • Unruly Princess…: Deal With It
  • Sexier, CPU, Please!: Forever Formal
  • Rock Me, Roll Me!: Pass

Chapter 2

  • Mech-Loving CPU…: Suggest Show
  • You’re So Composed…: Self-Immunization
  • Wilderness CPU?: Pass
  • I Am Troubled: Nickname Heart
  • Do My Homework!: Discipline

Chapter 3

  • My Heart is Pure…!: Go Adventuring
  • Be My Rival: Practice Singing
  • I Seek Love Advice!: Honest Confession
  • Make My Doggy Better: Go to the Vet
  • About Bean Sprouts…: Radish Leaves

Chapter 4

  • I Don’t Wanna Work…: Do Your Own Work
  • All is for My Lord…: No Need
  • Time for Vengeance!: No Way
  • Let’s Discuss Scents: Pass
  • Which Do You Prefer?!: Pass

Chapter 5

  • Help Me Clean!: Get Cleaning
  • Please Stop Me!: Pass
  • Destroy All Lovers!: Warn the Loser
  • About That Thing…: Return It
  • To Make a Doll…: No Hair For You

Chapter 6

  • Poison Tester Wanted: Scold the Kid
  • Gimme a Pet!: You’re Kitten Me
  • I’m a Melancholy Man: Shake His Hand
  • Listen to This!: Believe It!
  • Contract Time!: No Way

Chapter 7

  • Help With Golems: Just Say No
  • Legendary Name Wanted: CPU Club
  • A Virus Study: No Way!
  • Talking to My Boy…: Let Him Game
  • Become My Wife: Deign to Disagree

There are no Sim Noire Requests in Chapter 8

Chapter 9

  • Be Our CPU!: Refuse Outright
  • Pick the Winner!: Pass
  • Kiss Me…Or Else!: Pass
  • Teach ‘Em a Lesson!: Enhance Friendship
  • Wanna Be in a Movie?: Decline

Upon successfully answering all of the requests correctly, you will be awarded the Playstation Netowrk Trophy “The CPU of Gamarket” or the Steam Achievement “The CPU of Gamarket” depending on the version of the game you are playing.

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