Grade Shop

As typical with other games in the franchise, when you complete Tales of Graces f, you have the opportunity to do a New Game + which will allow you to carry over data from your previous playthrough as well as enhance certain aspects of the game. You purchase these adjustments with Grade from the Grade Shop when you start a New Game +.

The following is a list of the items available for sale in the Grade Shop.

1/2 Experience: 10 Grade
Gain Half as Much Experience as Normal

2X Critical: 30 Grade
Double the Critical Rate of Allies & Enemies

2X Damage: 30 Grade
Doubles the Damage of Allies & Enemies (Stacks with 5X Damage)

2X Experience: 90 Grade
Earn Double the Amount of Experience as Normal (Stacks with 5X Experience)

2X Gald: 70 Grade
Earn Double the Amount of Gald as Normal

2X Item Drops: 120 Grade
Items are Twice as Likely to Drop

2X SP: 200 Grade
Earn Double the Amount of SP as Normal

3X SP: 1,000 Grade
Earn Triple the Amount of SP as Normal

5X Damage: 150 Grade
5X the Damage of Allies & Enemies (Stacks with 2X Damage)

5X Experience: 400 Grade
Earn 5X the Amount of Experience as Normal (Stacks with 2X Experience)

Chain Capacity +1: 30 Grade
Base Chain Capacity +1

Chain Capacity +2: 250 Grade
Base Chain Capacity +2

Dualize Discount: 100 Grade
Dualize Cost Reduced by 25%

Expand Inventory: 100 Grade
Allows Capacity of 30 of Each Consumable Item

Inherit Arte Usage: 50 Grade
Inherit Number of Arte Usages from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Battle Items: 60 Grade
Inherit All Unused Combat Items from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Books: 10 Grade
Inherit All Book Data from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Carta Cards: 200 Grade
Inherit Carta Cards from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Eleth Mixer: 70 Grade
Inherit Current Item Capacity & Eleth from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Gald: 270 Grade
Inherit Half Your Current Gald from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Herb Bonuses: 70 Grade
Inherit All Stat Bonuses from Herbs from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Shards: 90 Grade
Inherit All Unused Shards from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Skills: 2,500 Grade
Inherit All Skills Learned from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Stamps: 30 Grade
Inherit All Stamps from Previous Playthrough

Inherit Titles: 30 Grade
Inherit All Titles from Previous Playthrough

Mastery Bonus: 20 Grade
Earn Twice as Much SP for Titles Previously Mastered on Previous Playthrough (Stacks with 2X & 3X SP)

Maximum Eleth +500: 100 Grade
Increase Base Maximum HP by 500

Maximum HP +1000: 150 Grade
Increase Base Maximum HP by 1,000

Maximum Speed: 50 Grade
Increases Field Movement Speed

Skip Childhood: 10 Grade
Skip the Childhood Arc

Trade EXP for Gald: 50 Grade
Exchange All Experience for Half a Gald Each

Unlock Qualities: 50 Grade
Allows for Additional Qualities Not Previously Possible

Upgrade Eleth Mixer: 50 Grade
Increases Chances of the Eleth Mixer Generating Consumable Items

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