Chapter 3

Affection Guide – Chapter 3

Green indicates a positive response.
Red indicates a negative response.

Agnum: Lemme ask you this: if Lestin and I were in an argument, whose side would you take?

  • Yours of course, Agnum.
  • Maybe Lestin’s…
  • I won’t know until the time comes.

Excella: But I’m sure he just wants what is best for you… Don’t let it bother you.

  • I want to get stronger..
  • Yeah… but Lestin has a point.
  • Thanks for worrying about me, Excella.

Jinas: Agnum is loud, but he’s good at looking out for others. He can help if you’re in trouble. Are you getting along with him?

  • He does seem cheerful and reliable.
  • He might be too cheerful for me.
  • Say, you two are kind of similar.

Kirika: I will talk to him. I only ask that you stay your anger…

  • I’m not angry.
  • He must be hard on you too.
  • Your brother is scary…

Rinna: How do you feel about that? Aren’t you happy that Lady Kirika likes you?

  • I want you to like me.
  • I’m happy, but…
  • I-I’m not happy about it.

Sonia: I was told to wait here for him, but he hasn’t returned yet. I wonder if something happened…

  • Do you want me to go look for him?
  • C-Captain Burroughs!?
  • I think I saw him around the castle…
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