PSN Trophies

Playstation Network Trophies

There are a total of 42 trophies.

  • 1 Platinum
  • 2 Gold
  • 16 Silver
  • 23 Bronze
Platinum TrophySuper-dupermension Neptunia Master
You’ve Nabbed Every Single Trophy. Nice!
Bronze TrophyNeptune, Start
You chose to start the game. Here’s your reward!
Bronze TrophyPrologue Cleared
You Cleared the Prologue
Bronze TrophyChapter 1 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 1
Bronze TrophyChapter 2 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 2
Bronze TrophyChapter 3 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 3
Bronze TrophyChapter 4 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 4
Bronze TrophyChapter 5 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 5
Bronze TrophyChapter 6 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 6
Bronze TrophyChapter 7 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 7
Bronze TrophyChapter 8 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 8
Bronze TrophyChapter 9 Cleared
You Cleared Chapter 9
Silver TrophyNormal Ending
You Have Achieved the Normal Ending
Silver TrophyGood Ending
You Have Achieved the Good Ending
Gold TrophyTrue Ending
You Have Achieved the True Ending
Silver TrophySocial Crusher
You Defeated Regu and Bamo
Bronze TrophyViolence, At Long Last
You Have Survived Your First Fight
Bronze TrophyHardcore
You Have Fought 100 Battles
Bronze TrophyBattle Master
You Have Fought 500 Battles
Bronze TrophyCombo Master
You Performed a 100-Hit Combo
Bronze TrophyYou Are Now OP
You Inflicted Over 100,000 Damage Against a Foe
Bronze TrophyLevel Cap, Get!
You Leveled One Character to 99
Gold TrophyPush It To The Limit
You Leveled All Characters to 99
Bronze TrophyCombo Maker
You Set Up an Original Combo
Bronze TrophyAspiring Game Dev
You Made Your Own Disc via Disc Dev
Bronze TrophySuperstar Game Dev
You Created a Godly Game via Disc Dev
Bronze TrophyGame Remake
You Activated a Plan
Silver TrophyGame Designer
You Have Activated 200 Plans
Bronze TrophyMy First Stella’s ☆ Dungeon
You Have Entered Neptral Tower
Silver TrophyDungeon Master
You Have Cleared Neptral Tower
Silver TrophyQuest Master
You Have Cleared 100 Quests
Bronze TrophyRolling in Credits
You Finally Collected 100 Million Credits. Was This Your Last Trophy?!
Silver TrophyLoveable Neptune
You Maxed Out Neptune’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Plutia
You Maxed Out Plutia’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Noire
You Maxed Out Noire’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Blanc
You Maxed Out Blanc’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Vert
You Maxed Out Vert’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Nepgear
You Maxed Out Nepgear’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Peashy
You Maxed Out Peashy’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Uni
You Maxed Out Uni’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Rom
You Maxed Out Rom’s Lily Rank
Silver TrophyLoveable Ram
You Maxed Out Ram’s Lily Rank
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