Yue Hiiragi

There are two primary ways to increase “Evaluation” (Affection) with each of the main five female characters. During story events and side events, you are prompted with a series of questions and your response, when correct, can increase their opinion and feelings towards you. You also can gain evaluation by completing any mission that they request within the early completion time frame.

Below is a list of all the questions and answers that have been tested and used by the community to gain an appropriate amount of evaluation to work you towards the true ending.

Questions & Answers

You can’t learn anything from subordinates?

  • That’s right
  • That’s wrong

Is something wrong?

  • No particular business
  • Did I bother you?
  • Going to training?

Do you find it unexpected?

  • It’s unexpected
  • No, I didn’t

In this circumstance-

  • This is an order
  • This is a personal request

What’s more important, your life or others?

  • Your own
  • Others

The best partner out of all of them…

  • Is your best partner Else?
  • Is your best partner Helen?
  • Is your best partner Remy?

Do you understand, Captain?

  • I understand
  • I don’t understand

Do you want Yue to change?

  • Of course
  • She’s fine as she is

Does this mean you have interest in me?

  • I do
  • I don’t
  • Speak vaguely

It must be thanks to my daily training.

  • Praise her for training
  • I can fight with confidence
  • As expected of a senior

That’s how we can stay a special force. Am I wrong?

  • I don’t think so
  • That’s right

Do you find it unexpected?

  • To think you had a side like that…
  • You don’t display them?
  • It doesn’t suit you

Yue, you’re…

  • Really good
  • Keep working hard at this pace

Talk about Yue’s split personality?

  • Talk about it
  • Don’t talk about it

I’m anxious. Very anxious…

  • Don’t move from your room
  • I’ll be right back
  • Stay with her

Why are you getting surprised by that?

  • It’s not usual for Yue
  • It’s a new sensation
  • You say those kinds of things, too

The fact you couldn’t see through his Chimerization…

  • You have regrets
  • You don’t have regrets

What is that shocking?

  • The problem isn’t the content
  • Where did you learn that?
  • I was surprised

Who dropped this?

  • Did Ai drop this?
  • Did Coo drop this?
  • Did Yue drop this?

Is this really me?

  • You’re not Yue right now
  • Yue is Yue
  • I can’t answer

What will you ask split-personality Yue?

  • Ask about Chimerization
  • Ask about Asahi

Were you a fan of your hometown mascot,too, Captain?

  • It’s my hometown’s mascot
  • Throw the stuffed plushie
  • Use ventriloquy

Will you tie me down, Captain?

  • I can’t do that
  • If that’s what you wish, Yue

About Yue’s actions…

  • Criticize her actions
  • Lament her actions

Can I ask for an explanation?

  • It’s our Force’s mascot character
  • Hand it to her
  • Throw it

I’ve been given orders to stand-by, yes?

  • It isn’t
  • Yes, it is
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