Luna Ichinomiya

There are two primary ways to increase “Evaluation” (Affection) with each of the main five female characters. During story events and side events, you are prompted with a series of questions and your response, when correct, can increase their opinion and feelings towards you. You also can gain evaluation by completing any mission that they request within the early completion time frame.

Below is a list of all the questions and answers that have been tested and used by the community to gain an appropriate amount of evaluation to work you towards the true ending.

Questions & Answers

Enter the room?

  • Enter
  • Don’t enter

About Luna being in the cafeteria…

  • Does the food suit your tastes?
  • Do you always eat here?
  • Being in the cafeteria is unexpected

Have you already forgotten?

  • I don’t know
  • Ask about it
  • Apologize

I am currently dressing, if that is alright.

  • Enter
  • Don’t enter

Don’t you have something else to say?

  • Apologize for your solo actions
  • Thank her for stopping Ai

About Luna’s reasons for joining…

  • You’re satisfied
  • You’re not satisfied

Please watch out for Ai.

  • As Captain
  • As a friend
  • Please do so as well

Those selected by the system wouldn’t betray you?

  • You think so
  • You don’t think so

Have you been thinking of taking Luna off the force?

  • You have
  • You haven’t

I shop by any shop that takes my fancy.

  • You’ll gain weight
  • Sounds delicious
  • Sounds like fun

All I learned was from out military training.

  • Must be your lineage
  • Is it talent?
  • As expected of a lady

A personal favor?

  • No
  • As me anything!
  • I’ll at least listen…

It’s not an uncommon occurrence.

  • Are you used to it as well?
  • Are you fine with it?
  • Are you having the same trouble?

Was Luna’s split personality intense?

  • You were a queen
  • That’s not true

Peasants have no right to keep me.

  • Is that a confession?
  • I’m sorry, I can’t do that

Luna, you’re…

  • Really good
  • Keep working hard at this pace

Kissing Luna’s foot…

  • You can do it
  • You can’t do it

It seems so. By the way…

  • Did you try them on?
  • What about the change?
  • Didn’t you buy too much?

It seems your brain truly is the size of an insect.

  • Oppose Luna
  • Obey Lady Luna

Get in the bath with Luna?

  • Get in
  • Don’t get in

You seem disappointed.

  • That’s right
  • That’s not true

The reason Luna’s angry?

  • For being taken off the Force
  • For working with Kana Hazuki

Perhaps it would be fun to listen to this impertinent dog’s request?

  • Please
  • This is an order

Could you show me your goods?

  • Answer on behalf of the vending machine
  • There’s no one inside!
  • Laugh at Luna’s actions

Let’s do what we can as those who have fought alongside, Yue.

  • Can I do anything at all?
  • What should I do?
  • Will you think with me?
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