Coo Franson

There are two primary ways to increase “Evaluation” (Affection) with each of the main five female characters. During story events and side events, you are prompted with a series of questions and your response, when correct, can increase their opinion and feelings towards you. You also can gain evaluation by completing any mission that they request within the early completion time frame.

Below is a list of all the questions and answers that have been tested and used by the community to gain an appropriate amount of evaluation to work you towards the true ending.

Questions & Answers

End the conversation?

  • Yes
  • Just a little longer

You were sleeping until now?

  • There are times like these
  • Point out her laziness
  • Worry about her health

Something’s amazing?

  • What’s amazing?
  • Ai is?
  • I am?

Do I… really have to answer?

  • Yes
  • You don’t have to

Is it difficult… for you to be Captain?

  • It’s difficult
  • No, it isn’t

I wanted to know… s-so I was observing…

  • Please ask me normally
  • Please stop this
  • Any questions?

Have you come to chastize me?

  • You said a little too much
  • It’s alright

How can sisters hate each other?

  • That’s a very difficult question
  • Even sisters can be strangers
  • It’s not our place to say

How do you watch movies?

  • At home?
  • At the theater?

…No, it’s nothing.

  • Forget about it
  • It bothers me

How to make Amal happy?

  • Talk to Amal
  • Talk to her father

I watch the enemy closely, and analyze them…

  • That’s all
  • That’s very important
  • You need to act on it, just not observe

Talk about Coo’s split personality?

  • Talk about it
  • Don’t talk about it

How will you reprimand Coo?

  • Take her book
  • Cover her eyes
  • Use Amal’s name

You’ll leave things to others and look away?

  • Think what you’d like
  • Is that what you think?
  • That’s not true

Do you suspect Coo of being in the Chimera Reserves?

  • You suspect her
  • You don’t suspect her

It seems my worth in your mind isn’t looking too great…

  • Please keep it to yourself
  • Could you tell me?

What will you tell Coo?

  • Amal will be fine
  • I’m the same

About Coo?

  • You could just say it
  • I guess you’re right
  • Why do you hold back?

Do you think this is stupid?

  • I used to do this, too
  • It’s good if you enjoy it personally
  • Let me know the results

Do you like Kana Hazuki?

  • I like her
  • Not really

Could you explain properly?

  • Please understand
  • This is part of a plan
  • I can’t do that

But the store I’m looking for is here…

  • I get nervous, too
  • You’re trying your hardest
  • It didn’t have to be me
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