Amal Franson

There are two primary ways to increase “Evaluation” (Affection) with each of the main five female characters. During story events and side events, you are prompted with a series of questions and your response, when correct, can increase their opinion and feelings towards you. You also can gain evaluation by completing any mission that they request within the early completion time frame.

Below is a list of all the questions and answers that have been tested and used by the community to gain an appropriate amount of evaluation to work you towards the true ending.

Questions & Answers

Looking at Amal?

  • You can tell
  • You can’t tell

It’ll be more like me trying not to get in the way of that.

  • You’re really close
  • You really care for your sister
  • The point of being together

A cafe, huh?

  • A little too soon for you
  • Are you interested?
  • Do you want to go?

Amal, you’re-

  • A boy
  • A girl

Wasn’t it a little too mean?

  • Agree
  • Disagree

Oh, Kana’s desserts… Kengo really likes them.

  • Do you want to eat it, too?
  • You like them, too?
  • I can’t hand it over

Big bro, what do you think I should do?!

  • Talk to Ai
  • Think about it on your own

I might not be reliable, but…

  • Anyone’s fine
  • Is there nothing I can do to help?
  • I’ll listen to you

Amal, you’re…

  • Really good
  • Keep working hard at this pace

It makes me painfully aware of how powerless I am.

  • You’re right
  • You’re not powerless

You don’t like Amal being a guy?

  • You don’t like it
  • You’re fine with it

About Amal’s mindset…

  • I’ve never thought of that
  • I can’t understand it
  • That kind of thinking is dangerous

Talk about Amal’s split personality?

  • Talk about it
  • Don’t talk about it

My ice cream is being targeted!

  • Don’t give it up
  • Give it up
  • Think about it

I’m the most important, right?

  • I can’t choose who’s most important
  • Amal’s the most important

Could you take down a Chimerized Amal?

  • I’d be forced to.
  • There’s no way I could.

Hey, sleep here, with me.

  • I can’t do that
  • Just for now
  • You can visit me

You thought it doesn’t suit me, right?

  • Quickly deny
  • Be honest
  • Dodge the question

About Amal’s request…

  • Start monologuing about the appear of being boyish
  • There’s no way someone this cute could be a girl
  • Amal really can’t be a guy

Do what to Amal?

  • Remove forcefully
  • Don’t remove

My type…

  • Someone with a huge rack
  • Someone who’s energetic
  • Someone who’s calm

Could Amal be…

  • Jealous?
  • Lonely?

Are you avoiding me?

  • It’s for your sake
  • It’s part of our plan
  • That’s not true

Let’s make a real family together, okay?

  • Reject
  • It’s too early
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