Ai Yakumo

There are two primary ways to increase “Evaluation” (Affection) with each of the main five female characters. During story events and side events, you are prompted with a series of questions and your response, when correct, can increase their opinion and feelings towards you. You also can gain evaluation by completing any mission that they request within the early completion time frame.

Below is a list of all the questions and answers that have been tested and used by the community to gain an appropriate amount of evaluation to work you towards the true ending.

Questions & Answers

Do people say you’re absent-minded?

  • They do
  • They don’t

If Ai liked the Director…

  • It would be a problem
  • It wouldn’t be a problem

You’re doing calligraphy…

  • Give praise
  • I couldn’t do it
  • It’s an old-fashioned hobby

It was the same as usual.

  • So a passing grade
  • So a failing grade

Is your cheek okay?

  • It’s fine
  • It still hurts

Ai, you really-

  • Are strong
  • Have a nice smile

I see, thank goodness…!

  • Let’s go to a different cafe next time
  • Next is my turn
  • Let’s go together again

Particular about her room?

  • It’s Japanese-style
  • There’s a kotatsu
  • The interior

If… I hadn’t let my emotions get the better of me…

  • Don’t worry about it
  • You’re right

Ai, you’re…

  • Really good
  • Keep working hard at this pace

Not doing anything special other than archery…

  • Now that you say it, you’re right
  • You move like that with just training?!
  • Archery clothes are nice

Was Ai’s split personality horrible?

  • It was horrible
  • That’s not true

Wouldn’t it make it easier for split personalities to occur?

  • Consider all possibilities
  • I don’t know
  • Don’t speculate like that

I’m not your cute Ai, so there’s no worth in talking to me.

  • Is that what you think?
  • That’s not true

What will you say to an anxious Ai?

  • You’re gonna be okay.
  • I’m gonna be by your side.

Not drinking green tea…

  • Do you actually love it?
  • Do you have an allergy?
  • Do you hate it?

You came here for a reason, right?

  • I came to check on you
  • Not in particular

Is it her split personality?

  • It is
  • It isn’t

You don’t have any business with the current me anyway, do you?

  • Looks like I’m not welcome
  • Do you like being alone?

To calm Ai down…

  • Hug her
  • Slap her cheek

Does that mean you need me?

  • I need you
  • I need your strength
  • I need friends

Yue might find it bothersome…

  • Give her space
  • I don’t think so
  • You’re kind
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