1. Sleight of Hand: Gives the Steal Breath X abilities the additional bonus of being able to take a single strength buff from the enemy and apply it to the user.
  2. Up to No Good: The act of defaulting no longer causes BP to increase, but all abilities that usually cost BP can instead be performed using MP, and the cost of Steal abilities is halved.

Weapon Proficiency

  • Swords: B
  • Daggers: A
  • Axes: B
  • Spears: C
  • Bows: B
  • Staves: B
  • Shields: E

Abilities / Skills / Spells

    Original Abilities (Level 1 – 12)
  1. Steal
  2. Steal Breath
  3. Flee
  4. Steal Spirit
  5. Sky Slicer
  6. Steal Courage
  7. Attack Item Amp
  8. Mug
  9. Godspeed Strike
  10. Magpie
  11. You Snooze, You Lose
  12. Rob Blind
  13. Advanced Abilities (Level 13 – 15)

  14. Tornado’s Edge
  15. Dagger Lore
  16. Rest in Peace

Asterisk Upgrade Location: Halls of Tribulation II
Asterisk Weapons: Givampalui

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