1. All or Nothing: EXP, JP, or PG earned after battle will drop to zero, but one of these three amounts has a chance to be multiplied by 15x.
  2. Born Lucky: Raises the number of winning slots there’ll be in roulette-based abilities. Abilities that have a chance of triggering an additional effect are more likely to do so.

Weapon Proficiency

  • Swords: C
  • Daggers: C
  • Axes: C
  • Spears: D
  • Bows: A
  • Staves: B
  • Shields: E

Abilities / Skills / Spells

    Original Abilities (Level 1 – 12)
  1. Odds or Evens
  2. Life or Death
  3. Flash the Cash
  4. More Money
  5. Spin the Wheel
  6. Elemental Wheel
  7. Triples
  8. Night Shift
  9. Bold Gambit
  10. Rare Talent
  11. High Roller
  12. Dealer’s Choice
  13. Advanced Abilities (Level 13 – 15)

  14. Even More Money
  15. Real Elemental Wheel
  16. Unlucky Eight

Asterisk Upgrade Location: Halls of Tribulation II
Asterisk Weapons: Longshot Bow

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