001) Wellspring of Deceit

Skit 001: Wellspring of Deceit
Skit #001
AreaLhant Hill
Trigger / LocationAt the Spring of Healing
Asbel: You should try some of this sprint water, Hubert.

Hubert: I’m not really thirsty.

Asbel: This water is famous! Plus, it’s really good for you. So come on. Have some. You’ll like it.

Hubert: W-Well, all right. *Glug, glug*

Hubert: Oh! Oh, this IS good!

Hubert: Wait, I thought you’d never been to Lhant Hill before.

Asbel: Huh. I guess Frederic knew what he was talking about after all. Here, gimme some of that. I wanna try it.

Hubert: Hey! I’m not your guinea pig!

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